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You can volunteer for our child development initiatives in the following ways:

  1. Give motivational speech or talks to school children on various topics
  2. Teach students who are enrolled in our programs
  3. Help develop creative program and projects aimed at holistic development of children


You can volunteer for our animal welfare activities in the following ways:

  1. Give 2 hours of fixed time every week/month for our animal rescue work which may involve visit to animal shelters, veterinarians, joining rescue of sick or injured animals, etc. Please ensure you stick with the timeslot shared by you as we plan our week’s work according to volunteer availability.
  2. Conduct or help in conducting workshops on animal welfare laws and awareness about animal rights, reducing human- animal conflict in urban areas, etc.
  3. Support in conducting events
  4. Create posters, flyers and other multimedia artifacts for spreading awareness about our work
  5. Help raise funds for animal welfare activities
  6. Write articles on social media sites like Facebook, Tumblr, etc. about work being done by our team and raise awareness of our work and increase our reach
  7. Contact leading publishing houses and publish articles in newspapers, magazines about latest animal welfare related topics
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